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About IMJ

High credibility in the fields of respiratory and anesthesia

Since 1982, Intermed Japan has been delivering the medical instruments/devices focusing mainly on the fields of surgery and anesthesia/respiratory to the Japanese market as distributor. We have imported those various state-of-the art products from our business partners, who are prestigious suppliers/manufacturers abroad.

Our history parallels with what we have been through; that we have been leading the market by the products which responded to various challenges that modern medical care had been confronting, and that we have built up achievements with a series of results. For example:

We had set a precedent for distributing the latex disposable examination and surgical gloves, and non-woven products in the Japanese market. It was even before the health-care-associated infection among medical professionals became a serious problem.

In the respiratory field, we had expanded use of closed sterile water systems, which was a revolutionary system, to the Japanese market. As a result, this has contributed to prevention of hospital infection and it has reduced the burden on care providers.

In 2006, we have restructured the Company as a member of IMJ Group. The Company expanded to promote Patient Temperature Management System by The 37°Company and Blom Tracheostomy Tube System with innovative technology.