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IMJ Group History

1982 Intermed Japan Inc. established at Doshomachi, Higashi-ku, Osaka.
1984 Acquired the hospital division of G.D. Searle (current Pfizer) in Japan.
Launched Ansell surgical gloves.
1985 Started business with Conmed through the ECG electrodes and grounding pads and then expanded to MIS products thereafter.
1987 Opening of Katsuta Facility (Plant / Distribution Center) in Okayama.
1989 Launched the AQUAPAK series.
1991 Founded JSS for the surgical instruments (V. Mueller).
1994 Launched the Ligation Clip System.
2006 Established IMJ Group with Intermed Japan and Japan Surgical Specialties as separate entities under the IMJ group.
2009 Launched BOWA ESU.
2010 Launched Mercury Medical air-Q series.
2012 Launched The 37°Company products.
2012 30th Anniversary.
2013 Relocation of headquarters to Kitahama, Osaka.
2013 Patient Care and Operation Room products are transferred to Intermed Japan.