About us

IMJ Group

Since its foundation in 1982, Intermed Japan has established itself with the goal to provide the best medical instruments/devices from abroad.

Our vision is to deliver the best possible customer service, excellent quality and the most advanced products.

As an importer of medical devices, we identify and explore opportunities as they emerge. With the best patient care always in mind, we insist on the utmost in quality of products. Moreover, in the constant evolving medical device market, we are prepared and ready to adapt to changes. We are committed to provide world-class instruments/devices to our customers, and we have the technical expertise and experiences to support our products.

With the power of IMJ Group’s talented marketing and sales team, we are able to provide our customers with superb value, high quality support, and services.

In 2006, we were reborn as IMJ Group with high level of expertise, consisting of Intermed Japan and JSS (Japan Surgical Specialties), to promote efficiency of business. Intermed Japan specializes in respiratory / anesthesia and JSS specializes in surgery.

Solid Organization

To get new products quickly to the Japanese market, our four business functions each have their own respective roles:

Regulatory Affairs, Quality Assurance & Safety Management

Our regulatory, quality, and safety department has several major responsibilities. They work within the framework of a team to perform premarket and post market activities in support of total product lifecycle. Managing timelines construct new device clearance for new and existing technologies. They also identify and coordinate quality and safety issues and act to solve these problems between our customers and our suppliers.

Sales Marketing

Our sales marketing is responsible for the entire marketing activities. Once we get contacted from a supplier abroad, our sales marketing is the first to respond. Moreover, our talented marketing team builds strong, lasting relationships with KOLs for conducting clinical trials.

Okayama DC

All imported products to IMJ Group come into the Okayama Distribution Center. Each product then goes through the necessary steps for quality inspection and visual inspection. After that, products are stored under an environment suitable for medical devices. Products are managed by the bar-code system, and traceability of shipment is controlled by the unified management, in compliance with JPAL (Japanese Pharmaceutical Affairs Law). In addition, ME devices and surgical instruments are repaired and maintained by our full-time technicians who were trained by our European and American partners. We continue to make efforts on improving product delivery with speed and safety in mind.


We have over 50 sales representatives covering the entire Japan. All of our sales representatives go through the product training. We also have a Medical Surgical Test internally, and the product knowledge and medical information are exchanged within our sales training and meetings.